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Interventions for Nonsense Word Fluency



Low Risk

  • Include blending practice with the feature and sound being studied during phonics block


Some Risk

  • Blending charts (Benchmark, Phonetic Connections)

-at the developmental level of child (phonemes /c/ /a/ /t/, onset/rime

/c/ /ake/, analogy)


At Risk

  • Include all the low risk and at risk interventions plus:

  • Attach additional time to guided reading at appropriate level

-Letter Identification

-Phonemic Awareness (aural)


*ABC Chart

*Magnetic letters (push & pull)

*”Write it quick”

*Interactive Writing

*Flash Cards of Letters/Match to sound




Interventions for Word Use Fluency



Low Risk

  • Daily opportunities for oral language development

  • Rich Shared Reading experiences

  • Read Aloud with explicit vocabulary instruction

  • Developing word consciousness



Some Risk

  • Interactive Writing stressing oral language

  • Rich, interactive read aloud- fiction and non fiction to build knowledge base

  • Explicit Instruction (pp. 60-65, Bringing Words To Life)

  • Listening center – taped books and discussion




At Risk

  • All the “Some Risk” plus:

  • Assisted Reading stressing oral language development

  • Interactive writing stressing oral language development

  • Rich read aloud (interactive)



Especially with ESL

  • Discussions using pictures of objects or concrete objects

  • Modeling action verb, prepositional phrases, and concepts

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