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Interventions for Phoneme Segmentation Fluency


Low Risk

Continue instruction on segmenting and blending with an emphasis on speed and accuracy (3-5 min daily)

Can you segment, can you do it faster?

Decoding Checklist in Phonetic Connections

Segmenting practice after guided reading

Transition activity with segmenting to increase fluency

Monitoring: informal assessments from DIBELS alternative forms

Some Risk

All of the low risk activities plus:

Additional segmenting/blending lessons attached to guided reading and interactive writing

EL/ESL/Foster Grandmother/ PACT could add 3 minutes to teach segmenting and blending

Additional time added

Monitoring: Use DIBELS assessments monthly

At Risk

All of the some risk plus:

Systematic instruction

Explicit instruction

Trained volunteers pull small groups children

Literacy Coach will work with teacher on assessing kids and determine where instruction will begin

Literacy Coach may work with at risk students

Tutoring/Summer School/ Extended Day should include phonemic awareness instruction

Monitoring: Use DIBELS assessments biweekly

**These interventions could be adapted to include segmenting syllables or onset and rimes if students were not ready to segment individual phonemes.

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