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Interventions: Oral Reading Fluency



Low Risk


Repeated re-readings at instructional level


Practice timed readings and chart progress


Speed sorts of ABC’s, sight words ( 1 minute with letter or word count)


Implement literacy corner suggestions


Listening corner


Monitoring: Teacher takes timed reading (1 per week during familiar reading)

Some Risk


All of the low risk plan


Pair with older readers to buddy read and take timed readings


Additional staff/volunteers pull kids and take timed readings, work through speed sorts, basic sight works, appropriate phrasing


Decoding work


Talk about fluency and prompt for fluency


Monitoring: Regular monitoring with DIBELS (monthly)

At Risk


All of the some risk plus:


Specific instruction based on the analysis of problem known


Build automaticity with known information, letters, words, phonetic patterns


Reread story together


Monitoring: Regular monitoring with DIBELS (biweekly)


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