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Lesson Two

Essential Element: Comprehension



  • R.9.5.4-7.4, R. 9.8.5 Generate, revise and prioritize questions relevant to

text, topics, and universal themes

  • R.9.5.5-7.5, R.9.8.6 Monitor comprehension and reading strategies in

relation to questions generated



Using questions as a means of monitoring comprehension is one of the most used teaching strategies. Questions allow students to predict what might happen in the story. “Proficient readers understand that creating, pondering, and answering questions about what they have read deepens their understanding and, in many cases, their enjoyment of the text” (Reading First).




  • Reading selection worksheet

  • Questions worksheet



Direct Explanation:

Today we are going to work on developing questions about what we’ve read. A good reader will ask himself or herself questions as they read. We will use the Questions worksheet to brainstorm a set of five questions.”




Let’s take a look at the first selection.” (See attached worksheet #1) “Read passage #1 to yourself.” (Give students time to read passage) “Now let’s answer these questions about that passage.” (Give students the opportunity to respond). “Who is the main character? Compare the boy’s activities to yourself. What type of person is he? What was the cause of his behavior? Predict what the boy might do next time he goes fishing.”



Guided Practice:

Now you’re going to read the next section. When you finish, I want you to work in groups of two to develop two questions: a Knowledge level question (define, recall, recognize, remember) and an Analysis level question (identify causes, draws conclusions, determine evidence). When you finish, we will discuss your questions.”




You will now need to get your copy of the text. You need to read the assigned chapter and then develop a set of five questions using the Questions worksheet.” (Worksheet #2) “Remember your clue words or phrases that will help with the questions you make. These are due at the end of the period.”


Assessment: Read a passage and develop a set of five questions.



Tier II Additions/Accommodations:

  • Work in groups of two to develop the questions


Assessment: Create three questions based on the assigned reading.



Tier III Modifications:

  • Book selection read orally with the student by another student, a paraprofessional, a teacher or a computer-based text to speech program

  • Develop questions by filling in the blanks on Worksheet #3.


Assessment: Create three questions by filling in the question frames.



Tier IV Modifications:

  • Read portion of story orally before giving selection to student

  • Read questions to student and fill in worksheet

  • Re-read the story orally to determine if student’s answers were correct


Assessment: Create two questions by filling in the question frames.



Tier V Modifications:

  • Orally read portion of story with student at least once

  • Ask the questions from the question frame

  • Re-read section with the answers

  • Ask student to answer questions (student may use icons, picture communication system or other alternative system to answer)

  • Re-read portion of story with student showing the answers as they appear in the story


Assessment: Give two answers from story using spoken or alternative communication.


Using Questioning + Worksheet




Reading First: A Closer Look at the Five Essential Components of Effective Reading Instruction, Learning Point Associates, 2004.


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