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Literacy Intervention

The Literacy Intervention Program Menu is a web-based menu of research-based literacy intervention programs for grades K-12.  It is designed to assist educators in choosing high quality programs to best meet the needs of their students. Literacy programs included on this website were selected from three top research centers/clearing houses, and only programs that received the highest ratings in one or more of the essential elements of literacy were included.  The Literacy Intervention Program Menu allows educators to view the criteria used for program selection and the specific areas of literacy (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension) that received the highest ratings in each program.  The information is easily accessed and provides grade levels reviewed, program description, length of lessons and recommended group size, professional development requirements, progress monitoring information, and the research center that reviewed each program. The intent of the Literacy Intervention Program Menu is not to recommend specific programs, but rather to better inform educators of what a particular program has to offer and to help schools make more informed decisions when selecting literacy intervention programs.

Electronic charting tool ChartMaker.  The ChartMaker is an electronic charting tool for progress monitoring data.  It provides a visual representation of student progress over time that enables teachers to quickly assess the effectiveness of the instruction/intervention being provided. The ChartMaker provides the option of monitoring Oral Reading Fluency, Phoneme Segmentation Fluency and Nonsense Word Fluency.  It also offers an option to create a new progress monitoring chart for any skill area.  The ChartMaker displays an aim line, data points that represent student performance on progress monitoring probes, and each intervention addition or deletion.

The Literacy Intervention Matrix.  The Literacy Matrix is a K-12 web-based resource developed by Arkansas educators that is directly linked to the Arkansas English Language Arts Curriculum Framework.  It is organized into three grade bands, K-4, 5-8 and 9-12, and includes lessons/interventions that address the five essential elements of literacy and suggestions for accommodations and modifications when students are not acquiring critical literacy skills and need different and/or more intensive strategies to facilitate mastery.  Assessment probes are provided to aide teachers in matching the appropriate lesson/intervention to student need, and   each lesson/intervention is presented in an explicit step-by-step format.  A unique characteristic of this website is its inclusion of interventions for students with low incident disabilities such as autism, deafness and blindness.

RIDE Reading Intervention Bank.  The RIDE Reading Intervention Bank provides interventions for specific skill deficits from the pre-primer through high school levels and across the five nationally-recognized literacy domains. This resource has (a) 100 literacy intervention “tactics” presented in a step-by-step format with implementation and evaluation protocols (as relevant); (b) descriptions of the types of students or student problems addressed by each intervention; (c) ways to adapt the intervention for different types of students in order to attain the best results; and (d) an assessment component linked to targeted interventions.  Approximately 25 of the tactics have video-stream examples of teachers modeling the intervention with students. A data collection and progress monitoring/graphing function allows teachers to track the progress of specific students across an entire school year both before and after the implementation of the intervention.

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