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Literacy Tools and Resources

Closing the achievement gap in literacy and mathematics remains at the forefront of the CTAG initiative.  The selection of effective instruction and intervention approaches to address the unique needs of individual students and student groups is critical to this effort.  

In order to help districts and schools select and implement literacy instruction/ intervention strategies that will enable students struggling in area of literacy to master critical skills and concepts, the following tools and resources are available:  the Literacy Intervention Matrix and the Reading Intervention RIDE.


The Literacy Intervention Matrix

Arkansas’ state literacy program has been organized in three sequential initiatives for a number of years:  Smart Start for kindergarten through Grade 4, Smart Step for Grades 5 through 8, and Next Step for Grades 9-12. The Smart Start, Smart Step and Next Step initiatives consist of research-based practices complemented by the state’s Benchmark literacy frameworks.   The literacy curriculum at every grade level in every school has an explicit scope and sequence of goals and objectives, complemented with specified mastery-level outcomes.

Knowing that not all students successfully master different expected literacy skills, and that some students with disabilities need certain accommodations, interventions, and/or assistive supports, the SIG organized a “Blue Ribbon” Committee to develop a literacy intervention website. The result was this tool which provides research-based lessons directly linked to the Arkansas literacy frameworks for the five nationally-recognized essential areas of literacy with the additions of oral language and writing.  The Literacy Matrix website is organized in three dimensions for students in grades K-4, 5-8, and 9-12, and includes Tier II, III, IV, and V interventions to use when students are not acquiring critical skills in these curricula and need different and/or more intensive strategies to facilitate mastery across the five essential elements of literacy. 

Each lesson/ intervention is presented in a step-by-step format with implementation and evaluation protocols (as relevant), descriptions of the types of students or student problems addressed by the intervention, and ways to adapt the intervention for students in need of Tier II, III, IV, and V supports.  A unique characteristic of this website is its inclusion of interventions for students with low incident disabilities such as autism, deafness, and blindness.


The Reading Intervention RIDE

To expand the availability of research-based literacy interventions, the Arkansas SIG contracted and partnered with Cambium Learning/Sopris West Educational Services in the development of another web-based tool, the RIDE Reading Intervention Bank.  Providing, once again, interventions from the preprimer through high school levels and across the five nationally-recognized  literacy domains, this resource has (a) 100 literacy intervention “tactics” presented (b) in a step-by-step format with (c) implementation and evaluation protocols (as relevant), (d) descriptions of the types of students or student problems addressed by each intervention, (e) an assessment component linked to targeted interventions and (f) ways to adapt the intervention for different types of students in order to attain the best results.  Approximately 25 of the tactics have video-stream examples of teachers modeling their implementation with actual students, and a data collection and progress monitoring/graphing function allows teachers to track the progress of specific students, across an entire school year if needed, both before and after the implementation of the intervention.


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