Model "Response-to-Intervention/Closing the Achievement Gap" School and District Implementation Guidebook Available. Accompanied by an "Implementation Q and A Resource"
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The primary goal of the Arkansas State Personnel Development Grant is to work with schools, districts, communities, and regional partners to maximize all students’ academic and social, emotional, and behavioral skills and success, including students with disabilities.  This is done through professional development and technical assistance in the areas of:  (a) Leadership; (b) Literacy and Math instruction and intervention; (c) School-wide Positive Behavior Support Systems, social skills/self-management instruction, and strategic or intensive cognitive-behavioral interventions, (d) Closing the Achievement Gap (CTAG), multi-tiered Response-to-Instruction and Intervention (RtI) and Data-based Problem Solving; (e) Parent and Community Involvement and Outreach; and (f) Personnel preparation, and special education teacher Recruitment and Retention!

More Information Leadership. Goal 1 activities focus on establishing and maintaining a state-wide network of formal and informal consultants in the areas of leadership, academics, and behavior to work with schools, districts, and Educational Service Cooperative (ESC) staff to help them maximize the success of all students. This will be accomplished through professional development,technical assistance, and consultation processes; and it will address the needs of all students--especially those who are at-risk, underachieving, unresponsive, unsuccessful, and those with disabilities. ... More Information

More Information Literacy/Mathematics. For Goal 2 activities, professional development and research-based literacy and math instruction and interventions will be provided at the Tier 1, 2, and 3 levels in the schools/districts targeted by the Arkansas Department of Education, its Special Education Division, and/or participating Education Service Cooperatives. The literacy needs and success of all students, especially those receiving special education services, are emphasized. Consultations with secondary-level schools will include options to receive training in Learning Strategies and/or Content Enhancement Routines from the University of Kansas Strategic Instruction Model (SIM). ... More Information

More Information Positive Behavioral Supports. Goal 3 activities focus on providing professional development and consultation services to districts and schools wanting to implement an evidence-based Positive Behavioral Support System (PBSS). This involves approaches to help all students learn social competency and self-management skills, with a special focus on strategic or intensive instruction and interventions for students (a) who exhibit social, emotional, or behavioral difficulties, and/or significant behavioral challenges; and (b) who have special education and/or mental health service needs. ... More Information

More Information Staff Recruitment/Retention. For Goal 4 activities, aggressive recruitment, training, retention, and capacity building strategies will ensure that all students with disabilities, especially in high poverty schools, are taught by highly qualified teachers utilizing scientifically-based literacy, mathematics, and behavioral instruction and intervention strategies, who will remain in-field beyond their third year of teaching. ... More Information

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